10 Funniest Characters Currently On TV, According To Ranker


The news that Ted LassoThe 3rd season of should be the last will be a disappointment for fans who have become attached to the complex but heartwarming plots. But it’s not just the storytelling that’s keeping fans hooked. Ted Lasso produced characters who also bring a lot of humor to the series.

Although their presence in the final season is for the foreseeable future, there are other characters who are highly regarded as being the funniest currently on television. Ranging from deadly cartoons to hilarious cops, fans turned to Ranker to vote for who they believe is the funniest character currently on TV.

Note: Ranking lists are live and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Peter Griffin

family guy

Peter Griffin in Family Guy

Although Peter can be a little mean to his daughter, overall he’s a well-meaning man. Unfortunately for him, his lack of intelligence may hamper his life, but it makes for brilliant viewing.

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Peter’s habitual boredom may be the catalyst for what gets him into trouble, alongside his general bizarre behavior, which led him to fake his own death to avoid a dentist appointment. Whatever each episode may entail, it’s sure to have a whole lot of fair humor from Peter.

9 bart simpson

The simpsons

Bart Singing Simpsons Season 33 Finale

Bart is portrayed as a typically boring young boy, with little respect for his sisters and even less interest in his school education. He didn’t have the best influence on his father, but despite his general demeanor, there are glimmers of a softer personality and certainly plenty of humor.

While his rivalry with Lisa can cause altercations, there are some fantastic Bart and Lisa episodes that show their love for each other or are just a barrel of laughs. As a seemingly fearless boy, there’s nothing he won’t try, including working as a bartender for the mob or as an intern for Krusty’s show. Nothing goes really well for Bart, and his childish manner makes it even funnier.

8 Captain Ray Holt

Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99

Slapstick or obvious humor often goes over well, but there’s always room for straight-up comedy and Captain Ray Holt provides just that. From his first episode, it was obvious that the character was going to be portrayed as much more stoic and with deadpan humor.

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But that’s precisely what makes Holt so funny. When faced with people like Jake, their personality differences highlight each other’s hilarity. Always putting his position as captain first, Holt is able to bring a different edge to Brooklyn 99′comic genre.

seven Randy Marais

South Park

There are a number of episodes where Randy steals the show in South Park and it is clear to see why it has gradually become a center of interest. Some of its best episodes can be downright ridiculous, but it never fails to amuse audiences.

Randy delivers fantastic one-liners that can grab viewers when they least expect it. He is also very honest and actually quite rough, especially towards his son. When a comedy wouldn’t be the same without one of its characters, it’s obvious that they are essential to the overall humor of the show.

6 Sergeant Terry Jeffords

Brooklyn 99

Terry at the police station

As someone who often refers to the third person, it’s no surprise that Terry Jeffords is one of today’s most popular comedy characters.

Terry has some nice traits including being a great teammate and being very caring towards his co-workers. But his kindness should not be confused with a lack of humor. Many of Terry’s best quotes in Brooklyn 99 are absolutely hilarious, and being a good person makes him an even better character.

5 homer simpson

The simpsons

Homer as Jack Torrance in a parody of The Shining in The Simpsons

At first glance, Homer Simpson isn’t the greatest family man, is easily misled, and has a constant craving for donuts. Who would have thought that these three traits would contribute to one of the funniest TV characters?

Deep down, there’s more to Homer. Various episodes have shown that he genuinely cares about his family, but he’s just a little distracted. And it is these moments of wandering that can make the public laugh. He’s a unique character and viewers won’t miss his personality or Homer’s hilarious lines in The simpsons.

4 Rick Sanchez

rick and morty

Rick Sanchez making a deranged expression

Rick’s image perfectly matches his mad scientist ways, with his pale blue hair and eccentric personality. Being so smart makes Rick frustrated with conversations that aren’t engaging, discovering he can only really tolerate his grandson Morty.

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Rick will cut right to the chase when he isn’t interested in what other people are saying, allowing the audience to indulge in offbeat humor. With his experiments, he is easily one of the funniest characters currently on television and certainly the funniest scientist.

3 Detective Jake Peralta

Brooklyn 99

Jake Peralta smiling in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake is one of the liveliest and most immature Brooklyn 99 characters, but that’s what makes it easy to laugh. Although the nature of his work is serious, he always (somehow) manages to make it lighthearted.

In season 5, he can be seen singing “I Want It That Way”, with a lineup of suspects, wholeheartedly engaging in the bizarre singing moment. The contradiction between his work and his personality really enhances the comedy and he deservedly has his place among the funniest characters in Brooklyn 99.

2 Eric Cartman

South Park

South Park Sailing is close to the wind when it comes to its comedy, but still manages to stay on the bright side by making the show downright hilarious.

It may come as a shock that Eric ranks near the top, considering he’s rude, selfish, and offensive. But with the show’s talented screenwriters, it’s his obnoxiousness that makes him so hard not to laugh. Eric’s comedic timing always hits the mark and when combined with the sarcasm he’s clearly a really funny character.

1 Stewie Griffin

family guy

Stewie Griffin in Family Guy

Stewie is arguably one of the most bizarre and evil characters out there, but with a twist of comedy that makes him undeniably entertaining. One-year-olds are still in their baby phase, without much thought other than where their toys are.

But Stewie is no ordinary one-year-old. With more intelligence than most adults, he is a freak who (unfortunately) frequently plots the death of his own mother. However, without condoning his violent acts, his sinister streak is what makes him brilliantly funny. Few babies could compete with some of TV’s funniest characters, but as Ranker’s fans have pointed out, he’s on top.

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