10 Best Marvel Strike Force Tech Characters, Ranked


Characters like Doctor Octopus and Kate Bishop have recently made popular debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and players can also see them in Marvel Strike Force. With over 150 unique characters currently playable, it might seem confusing for some players to figure out who is worth investing resources in.

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Character categorization is essential in Marvel Strike Force as raids and Dark Dimension require commanders to use teams with the same original traits to continue. The best Tech characters are versatile pieces that can shine in several different game modes.

ten Ultron

Ultron in Marvel Strike Force

Ultron is the reward for beating Dark Dimension 2, and his relative power level compared to his contemporaries has honored his reputation as one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. His ability to summon Ultron bots helped him overwhelm enemy teams, and his ultimate ability dealt unprecedented damage for the time.

Unfortunately, Ultron isn’t as dominant now due to characters like Black Bolt and Kestral stopping re-rolls and punishing summoners. Ultron still has solid utility in War and Blitz, but others in Raid and Area fill his niche more effectively.

9 Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop in Marvel Strike Force

Kate Bishop is one of the newest additions to Marvel Strike Force, and she joined Echo to complete the Young Avengers team alongside veterans Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl and America Chavez. Most fans expected Kate to be ranked in the Skill category, but her clever use of arrows landed her in Tech.

This young Hawkeye excels at dealing with enemy status conditions and she leads one of the premier war defense teams in the game. The only thing holding her back from other technical characters is that she doesn’t play well outside of her established team.


8 misty knight

Misty Knight in Marvel Strike Force

Misty Knight is a member of the Heroes for Hire team, but her usefulness extends far beyond that team’s War Defense niche. Without a defined tech team to use in the relevant Doom Raid nodes, Misty found use there alongside characters like Kestral, Doom, and Doctor Octopus.

Misty also uses a much smaller amount of gear than most characters to level up, so she’s a popular choice among players pushing to enter one of the dark dimensions quickly. However, with two counters currently available to eliminate heroes for hire, some players are hesitant to put too many resources into Ms. Knight.

7 shuri

Shuri's homepage in Marvel Strike Force

Before Doom Raids restricted nodes to characters with specific origin traits, Wakandans FoxNext advertised them as “Apex Raid Team”. Unfortunately, that was wrong, and four of the five team members were never very useful in any game mode.

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Shuri, however, works well on any team as an all-around healer who is still occasionally used in Doom Raids and Dark Dimension. His special ability, Instant Upgrade, provides additional utility aside from healing; the move grants all allies Defense Up for two turns and grants two characters ability energy, allowing them to keep hitting hard. Unfortunately, Shuri was outmatched by characters with more cross-affiliate synergy.

6 Minn Erva

Minn Erva in Marvel Strike Force

There were some healers in Marvel Strike Force when the game launched, but Minn-Erva completely changed what a healer could be. She was the first character to be able to reliably revive defeated teammates, and her ultimate ability stole a fixed percentage of health from entire enemy teams.

Minn-Erva was a staple character on many of the best raid teams in Marvel Strike Force, and her percentage-based health steal made her invaluable against boosted enemies in the Dark Dimension. She still sees play through higher mid tier raids, but her low health means she now usually dies quickly against stronger opponents.

5 Lady Deathstrike

Lady Death Strike in Marvel Strike Force

Lady Deathstrike was originally introduced as a character in War Offense as part of the Weapon X team. This squad of mutants is indeed one of the first war teams in Marvel Strike Forcebut she also had surprising success in other modes.

Lady Deathstrike gets stronger with Deathproof and other positive conditions when her health drops, so she’s often more survivable than she looks. This advantage has earned him a spot on many players’ Doom Raid teams for Tech Nodes, and his cheap gear requirements make him an attractive option for Dark Dimension.

4 Star-Lord (T’Challa)

T'Challa Star-Lord in Marvel Strike Force

There are several powerful versions of Black Panther in Marvel Comics, but T’Challa’s turn as Star-Lord in the Disney+ series What if…? quickly became a fan favorite. This Wakandan turned Ravager recently made his debut in Marvel Strike Forceand he has proven to be a strong character even outside of his team.

This Star-Lord’s most unique feature is that he can steal ability energy from other characters. No one else in the game can currently do this, and it helps slow down high cooldown enemies like Doctor Doom. T’Challa also has cheap gear requirements, so many players are bringing him into the Dark Dimension.

3 Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus home page in Marvel Strike Force

Doctor Octopus is a fantastic character due to his incredibly tanky kit and the versatility of his modes. His team, the Sinister Six, is one of the best Marvel Strike Force teams for beginners and can be used individually in Raids and Dark Dimension.

Not only does Otto Octavius ​​grant regeneration to himself and all of his allies with his special ability, he also heals whenever he blocks. With Mysterio giving Deflect to his teammates on spawn, it’s nearly impossible to do any lasting damage to Doc Ock on the first turn.

2 Doctor Doom

Dr. Doom in Marvel Strike Force

Doctor Doom is the reward for completing Dark Dimension 4, and he’s still an offensive powerhouse that’s widely used across multiple game modes. Victor Von Doom is most notable for his ultimate ability, which grants him and the highest damage ally, 300% speed bar, and heals himself and two teammates to full health.

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Doctor Doom sees use in the current Arena meta, and he’s also a staple in Doom Raids. His original dual traits, Tech and Mystic, give him powerful versatility, and his Doom Bots can fire enemy shots to help keep player teams alive.

1 Kestral

Kestral in Marvel Strike Force

Kestral is unique in Marvel Strike Force because she was the game’s first original addition to the Marvel canon. This Blaster-class hero also stands out because, along with Dr. Doom, she is one of only two characters with two different origin traits. This duality means that players can use Kestral in the Tech and Skill sections of Doom Raids. The versatility to tackle twice the nodes than other characters means that any investment in gear or resources pays off twice as much.

Kestral’s kit, which includes summoner and regeneration denial, off-turn damage pings, and debuff processing, has remained one of the most powerful in the game, and high-level players use it in all game modes except Arena.

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