This Hair Color Honored Every Celebrity’s Roots – I Tried It


For over two years, I made bi-weekly trips to the nail salon to put a glossy coat of rouge on each of my fingers. I figured I wouldn’t be killed without this part of my signature style. Then one day, completely out of the blue, pink suddenly seduced me. My friends were shocked, “who is she?” they joked. Shortly after changing the color of my nails, I unexpectedly entered a new (and exciting) chapter in my life. I felt like I was going through a personality change. Similar to my devotion to red nails, I often told myself that I would never stray from my classic dark roots. I have always been in love with natural beauty and felt that my natural hair color was a sign of that. However, when I saw the red hair color trend popping up, I felt naturally drawn to it.

Over the past year, celebrities who have never strayed from their natural brown or black roots have stood out in hair colors ranging from fire hydrant to Aperol spritz. From runway models to grungy city kids, this color seems to find its way to all kinds of people. And I, the woman who normally clings to her pearls trying to get away from the old silver aesthetic that I’ve always loved so much, wanted in.

Seconds before Adrian Wallace, the colorist who helped me transition, put his brush to my head, I almost changed my mind but an iconic Paris Hilton quote rang in my head, “life is short, take risks”. She was talking about mini-skirts, but hair color is pretty much the same thing, right? Amazingly similar to the change I experienced when I said goodbye to my red nails, I noticed a positive change, and shortly after my red hair died, I said goodbye to some old habits, people and personality traits and hello to another new chapter in my life.

If you’ve been hesitant to try something new or take a risk, this is your sign. I recently saw a TikTok that said, “Now as soon as I see ab— dye her hair red, I already know what’s going on, you’re entering your villain era, right?” In my case, the answer to this question is a definite yes.


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