Razor B says five-time murderer Rushane Barnett should receive ‘no leniency’


Bruk Back Artist Razor B has expressed his disappointment that the death penalty is no longer being sought for Rushane Barnett, the man from Trelawny who admitted to murdering four children and their mother as they slept in their home at Cocoa Piece in Clarendon .

In late June, Kemesha Wright, 31, and her children, Kimanda Smith, 15, Sharalee Smith, 12, Rafaella Smith, 5, and Kishawn Henry Jr, 23 months, were discovered inside with cuts and the throat. slashed, a crime Barnett later confessed to committing.

Barnett, 23, who was staying at the house fled the area and returned to his home at Wilson Run in Trelawny, but was later apprehended by police and later warned he could face the death penalty after being charged .

Responding to the news that Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn told the Supreme Court yesterday that by law she was required to withdraw the death penalty notice against Barnett, Razor B said that he wanted the execution notice upheld because the act was too horrific for the killer to receive only a custodial sentence.

“We pay very high taxes and I refused to spend my hard work money on this freak… when he stabbed the babies he never cared… 4 murder and in a jail with phone going eat, sleep well hard working taxpayer dollars,” the Portmore native noted on the ZJ Sparks IG page.

“Set an example so that this type of crime does not happen again. We already knew he was the one who shot the 4 innocents out of mercy for admitting a crime 🙄,” he added.

Rushane Barnett

The DPP’s withdrawal of the death sentence for Barnett is based on two mitigating factors she said the Crown needed to “look into, the fact that he pleaded guilty early and it “appears he expressed remorse while doing so”.

In June, Downsound producer Skatta Burrell expressed unease after learning that Barnett had been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation “following a request from the Crown” after appearing in Home Circuit Court via a voluntary indictment. According to Skatta, he had already lost patience with Barnett and those of his ilk.

Former Downsound Skatta stablemate and fellow Calabar High School student Foota Hype had, after hearing news of the murder, took to social media to express his anger, noting that at one point given, any man brazen enough to commit such heinous acts in Jamaica, would have been driven out by the public who would demand their own form of justice.

Like Foota, Dancehall deejay Masicka, another man from Calabar, had also expressed his grief over Barnett’s evil deeds, saying during his performance at Reggae Sumfest that if he had been in the shoes of the police, the culprit n would not have been brought alive.

At Barnett’s sentencing hearing on Wednesday, the DPP, in describing the contents of the report by a forensic psychiatrist who assessed Barnett, said it was revealed that the confessed killer “no was not suffering from a psychiatric illness at the time he acted”.

The psychiatrist’s report said Barnett exhibited antisocial personality traits, but “does not have any major mental illness”.

The forensic psychiatrist noted that Barnett “displayed superficial charm, deceit, lack of remorse, lack of empathy, adult antisocial behavior and also the possible presence of impulsivity, and does not accept responsibility” , all the hallmarks of a psychopath.

Barnett admitted to killing the five, saying voices he had been hearing since he was 18 in his head, which he attributed to “Obeah”, told him to do so. However, the expert said Barnett had no history of psychopathology and was “not influenced by any abnormalities of the mind at the time of the murders”.

“He was aware and in control of his thoughts. He knew exactly what he was doing, but he clearly had a sense of entitlement… there was a clear intent,” the DPP said of Barnett.


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