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Minister Samuel D. Tweah addressing reporters

(LINA) – Liberian Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D Tweah called on Liberian journalists to establish stricter editorial standards to control information disseminated in the public space.

Speaking on Friday at a special press briefing at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), Minister Tweah encouraged journalists to always check the content of the information and the statements of journalists before report to the public, indicating that whatever the media publishes, the public tends to believe it quickly.

According to him, factual reporting is cardinal in professional journalism, regardless of the journalist’s alignment.

Meanwhile, Minister Tweah lamented the country’s electricity theft problem, saying the law derails the resource mobilization arm of the institution providing the electricity.

He clarified that the government of Liberia does not owe the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) “a dime, as it is broadcast to the public.”

Tweah revealed that the government of Liberia is in good financial standing with the LEC, adding that it is the LEC that owes the government $ 22 million.

According to him, the government has decided to suspend the collection of 22 million US dollars from the LEC on the grounds that the institution’s income is still low due to the theft of electricity.

He revealed that the government will not collect such an amount from the LEC until the institution’s income is increased.

Tweah noted that the Liberia Electricity Corporation does not pay the government of Liberia a tax on goods and services, citing that the money citizens pay goes directly to LEC revenues and not to the government.

“We have to solve the problems of electricity theft if LEC is supposed to receive US $ 1 million and people steal electricity, they will lose US $ 500,000 due to the theft of electricity,” he said. He underlines.

The finance minister indicated that the government and the LEC will work closely together to make laws against theft of electricity more vigilant.

He further noted that no government official or citizen should engage in electricity theft or attempt to interfere with the work of the LEC because the country and the company must generate income from it. ‘electricity.

“We will crack down on those who will be involved in the theft of electricity,” said the minister.

He assured Liberians that LEC has enough meters in the country and that there is no need to steal power.

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