How Chicago PD’s Tracy Spiridakos Influenced Hailey Upton’s Character


Fans of Hailey in “Chicago PD” know the character has deep ties to Greek-American culture. She is Greek on her father’s side, her father ran a Greek restaurant when she was young, and her first beat before joining the “Chicago PD” Intelligence Unit was in the Robbery-Homicide Unit of Greektown in Chicago. What fans may not know is that Hailey’s Greek heritage was developed due to Tracy Spiridakos’ own cultural roots.

“When they created it at the end of Season 4, they knew part of my story,” Spiridakos said in an interview with BUILD. “My family owns a Greek restaurant. My parents are both Greek. The character – only his father is Greek, that’s how they created him. So, yeah, that was intentional.”

However, while this general setting for Hailey mirrors Spiridakos, the character’s additional backstory was initially left ambiguous to both the actress and fans of the show. For the actor, this openness gave him space to develop his own conclusions.

“I thought about what she likes to do in her spare time, what kind of music she listens to and I really like that kind of stuff,” Spiridakos said in an interview with Awards Daily. “It’s fun to imagine. Sometimes you end up getting it wrong. As the story progresses and the story evolves, they may have a different idea, but you evolve with that as you go along. . I had a really good time imagining what she was like when she was five.”


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