Father’s Day 2022: An expert offers insight into your dad based on his zodiac sign, whether it’s Aries, Leo or Pisces


A father is a beacon to their children and is a great friend to their children. He understands the difficulties of each step of his child towards growth and further supports them in climbing the ladder of success. According to the principles of Vedic Astrology and Zero Numerology, the father is ruled by the planet sun and like the sun, the father supports and nurtures the child to blossom into a better human in life. Furthermore, the sun is also considered one of the ‘Adityas’ according to Rigveda and other classics. Being an Adityas is one who is in the purest form and assures the world of being on the right path.

The father, represented by the sun, also plays the same role in the lives of children. This Father’s Day, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a famous astro numerologist, helps us explore the personality traits of each zodiac sign and their relationship to the type of fathers based on the principles of “zero numerology”.


The Aries sign, in general, are very serious people, and the Fathers belonging to the sign are no exception. They are a fully engaged, family man who encourages children to follow their passion and focus on an artistic flair. However, there are specific issues regarding Aries’ father. Nor is patience their virtue and strong point. Also, while taking care of the children, the father of Aries should strive to improve their impatience. But overall, they are very committed fathers with a compassionate attitude towards their children. Also, by being more patient, they can be perfect fathers.


Taurus fathers are incredibly patient with their children. In addition, they are well balanced and make them excel in parenting. Because they are very grounded and sometimes stubborn. But, simply put, their trait makes them very loyal and passionate towards their family. Plus, Taurus dads are the most reliable of all the other signs.


Geminis are known to be two-faced people. Also, as Gemini’s father, they are confronted. At one time, if they are calm and compassionate, at another time, they are busy with a project that can take them for hours together. Suppose the Gemini fathers harness their two energies. In this case, they may be one step ahead of the fathers of other zodiac signs.


A cancerous father can sometimes be insistent. But their other side is very nourishing. They are very emotional fathers who cry when their children cry because it affects them deeply. However, they are not the most equipped people in the world with the cry method, but they will do everything possible to be loving and caring fathers for their children.



Leo’s fathers are no exception to stubbornness. Moreover, they are more impetuous fathers than the other signs of the zodiac. But what makes them unique is their willingness to be extremely playful with their children. Kids can play with Leo Daddies for as long as they want, and their dad will play with them. Moreover, Leo dads like to be in a childlike state and enjoy to the fullest with their children. Leo’s stubbornness makes them flexible and encourages them to discipline their children.


Virgo dads are determined, opinionated, and strong-willed dads. Even if they do not necessarily respect the wishes of their children, they are very attached to their children. They wish to have only the best for themselves. Moreover, it can cause them to experience critical moments and flowing tears. But one thing they need to remember is that kids need to go at their speed rather than push them. Also, as they grow, they will become orderly in life.


Libras are excellent fathers to their children. Especially to more than one child. Moreover, they prefer to keep everything fair and just in their life. They are the opposite of being selfish and what people think they are. Moreover, it is their impartiality that drives their house forward. However, they should be careful, as being more impartial can lead to indecision.



Scorpio men are very intense. This means that Scorpio fathers are very serious, strict and do not want to play with their children. However, their curious nature will be a grace for their children. Because as a curious person, a Scorpio dad is ready to know everything about his children. However, they can be very secretive parents who wish to stay away from a safe space.


Sagittarius dads are fun-loving and adventurous. In addition, they are exceptionally traveling people who do not wish to be tied down. They constantly move people who love adventurous family travel. Although they are the best fathers you can have, they can be restless and restless when stuck at home.


Capricorn dads are the first to plan and sign up their kids for activities and enjoy teaching them all aspects of being a good dad. Moreover, Capricorn fathers believe in reliability and will do their best to teach the same to their children. Even though Capricorn fathers are sincere and loving, they tend to spoil their children.



Aquarius fathers are known to follow their own rules of life, which can be problematic in the lives of routine-oriented children. EEven though Aquarius fathers encourage their children to explore the creative world and the arts, they tend not to stick to an appropriate schedule.


A Pisces father is artistic, emotional, compassionate, and generous. But the one thing that makes them different from other signs is the inability to focus on one thing at a time. In addition, they can be very moody. However, children are children who don’t care about their parents’ mood swings. It is therefore ideal for a Pisces father to always be there for them.

The road to follow!

This Father’s Day, seek your father’s blessings and fill your life with the colors of joy and prosperity.

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