Complete list of neutral mobs in Minecraft (2022)


Neutral mobs breathe life into the Minecraft overworld. They populate every biome, roam caves, and even swim in deep, blocky oceans. Monsters are part of what makes exploring and owning different types of pets in the game so fun and engaging, but neutral monsters can sometimes be a wild card.

Neutral monsters are often confused with passive monsters, the latter being those that attack the player in all circumstances. Neutral mobs will not attack the player unless provoked, which can lead to unpleasant surprises and accidental deaths.

Since passive and neutral mobs are often mixed together, it’s always good for players to be aware of which mobs will retaliate if provoked. In this article, we will list all neutral mobs currently in the game as of Minecraft 1.19.

Minecraft 1.19 has a plethora of neutral mobs

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Currently, there are thirteen neutral mobs in Minecraft 1.19. The latest update didn’t see the implementation of any new neutral mobs, but the two neutral mobs to be added to the game are the goat and pig monsters (including their zombified variant).

Here is a full list of the thirteen mobs that are strictly neutral as of Minecraft 1.19:

  • Bee
  • cave spider
  • Dolphin
  • enderman
  • Goat
  • iron golem
  • llama
  • Panda
  • piglin
  • Polar bear
  • Spider
  • Wolf
  • Zombified Piglin

The bees

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Bees fly from neutral mobs that spawn in most forest biomes and lodge in bee nests (or beehives). A hive is an indicator that bees have spawned in the area. These little insects can travel up to twenty-two blocks from their hive, so if there is a hive there is probably a bee somewhere nearby.

These neutral mobs attack similarly to wolves, as once a bee is hit (or a hive is destroyed with a bee nearby or inside), they swarm to attack the player. Bee attacks are relatively weak, but they inflict a poison effect that can slowly reduce a player’s health.

Spiders and cave spiders

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Spiders and cave spiders are two mobs of neutral arthropods that spawn in the overworld (as well as caves) at night and in mine shafts, respectively. Although both mobs are known to be hostile in nature, they are not always aggressive towards the player.

If the light level around any of these monsters is nine or more, they will act completely passive towards the player. However, the light level must be nine or more before the neutral arthropod sees the player, otherwise it will act hostile.

Cave spiders are navy blue in color, as opposed to the pure black of their usual variant, and can inflict a poisoned effect on the player when attacking.


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Dolphins are a neutral mob that many players don’t realize will retaliate if provoked. These mobs attack wolves and bees alike, coming together to attack the player in groups if one is provoked.

These mobs can be incredibly useful when it comes to finding abandoned shipwrecks, buried treasure, or ocean ruins. Once fed with raw cod or salmon, they swim and lead the player to the closest of these three structures, detecting the loot chests that are inside.


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Endermen are one of the most infamous neutral mobs in all of Minecraft. These large black creatures can be found in all three dimensions (Overworld, Nether, and End) and drop ender pearls, a crucial item for completing the game.

These mobs mostly teleport away from players, especially during the day, but at night they act very differently. If a player looks them in the eye for too long, they will be chased and relentlessly attacked by teleporting Endermen.


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Goats are a neutral mob that was implemented into the game during Minecraft 1.17. They are the only neutral monster so far that, if attacked, will not retaliate against the player. However, they can cause fatal damage to the player.

These mountain mobs will charge into idle players, mobs, and armor racks in an attempt to crush them. While the impact itself can only deal three points of damage in hard mode, they can inflict nine blocks of knockback on the target they hit, resulting in potentially fatal fall damage.

iron golems

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Iron golems are the only neutral mob that can be built in Minecraft. Unprovoked, these utility mobs are useful assets and can be a great help in repelling hostile mobs. However, they can become deadly if attacked or if a player attacks a villager in their presence.


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Llamas are neutral mobs that can be tamed similarly to donkeys, mules, and horses, and used to transport large shipments of items. They retaliate against players by spitting at them, which only deals one point of damage.


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Pandas are a rare neutral mob that reside exclusively in the Bamboo Jungle biome. These adorable mobs can generate one of seven personality traits: Normal, Lazy, Worried, Aggressive, Playful, Weak, or Brown.

All types of pandas will attack the player if hit, but pandas that have an aggressive personality will not panic when attacked and will relentlessly chase the player/crowd until they die or leave their detection field.

Piglin and Zombified Piglin

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Piglins (as well as their zombified variants) are neutral mobs that spawn exclusively in the Nether. Piglins will turn hostile unless the player is wearing golden armor and can be traded using golden items such as gold bars and tools.

Zombified Piggies work the same way as Abandoned Zombie Piggies. They are completely passive towards the player, regardless of what armor they are wearing, unless they (or another Zombified Pig) are attacked. When attacked, all of these monsters in the surrounding area will swarm to retaliate against the player.

Polar bears

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Polar bears are neutral mobs that spawn in icy biomes in Minecraft. These protective mobs will automatically become hostile towards the player if accompanied by a cub, otherwise they will not attack the player unless provoked.


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Wolves are one of the most beloved tamed and neutral mobs in all of Minecraft. Before being tamed, wolves can become relentlessly hostile towards the player if they attack a nearby wolf. Their eyes will turn red once they become hostile. Wolves can deal up to six damage in hard mode, which can be deadly if a pack of wolves starts stalking the player.

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