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The player can customize the appearance of his animal followers Worship of the Lamb, but they just have to learn to live with their personality quirks. In-game these are called Traits, and some of them are generated by Doctrines while others are randomly selected during the indoctrination process.

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Although the Lamb cannot choose all of these Traits, certain Doctrines and Rituals can help limit their negative effects or harness them in positive ways. Certain Traits related to Doctrines help determine what kind of worship the Lamb ends up building.


2 Characteristics of followers

There are two types of traits followers have, positive or negative. Certain negative Traits may be positive depending on the Doctrines or Rituals the Lamb has chosen to define his Cult.

Against Sacrifice, for example, which results in a loss of 5 Faith per follower if one of their peers is killed during a Ritual, works well for a cult that does not have the Sacrifice of the Flesh Ritual.


Of course, this is one of the best traits an adept can possess. Even if other cultists become disgruntled and preach against the cult, because of this trait, they will simply ignore them.

Another interesting trait that is similar but not as good in the long run is naturally obedient. Followers get a +10 to Faith as soon as the Lamb recruits them, which is great, but no longer has any benefit after indoctrination.


A follower with this trait generates devotion 15% faster when praying, attending sermons, or receiving a blessing. This is especially useful later in the game when the lamb collects gold as opposed to devotion.

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The Industrious trait is similar, causing devotees to work 15% faster, but is better to have earlier in the game when the cult is building, and less useful when there is no work to do. TO DO.


Still the best trait for any cultist, it is especially useful when building a group of devoted and obedient cult members, Gullible requires 15% less loyalty to level them up.

Followers with this trait will be more successful when sent on missions and will be more valuable when sacrificed.


At the genesis of each cult, when it’s too early to build an outhouse or janitor post, followers will have to go somewhere. Until the Lamb gets this Cult II upgrade, there will be some organic issues in the enclosure.

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Usually this puts other followers off, causing them to dissent or in turn make them sick, but the coprophile does not have these problems.

1 Doctrinal traits

These are traits that are given to each disciple of the flock when the lamb embraces certain doctrines.

Each doctrine unlocks either a ritual or a trait depending on the level, and each relates to the spiritual life, daily food needs, work, or maintaining order.

grass eater

One of the first choices in Subsistence Doctrines, the choice is between Grass Eater or Cannibal. If the player is planning the type of cult that will regularly sacrifice followers or harvest the meat of followers when they die, Cannibal might be preferable. On the other hand, grass is a cheap and plentiful resource. It is easier to get more weed than to recruit new subscribers.

Grass Eater is one of the best traits under subsistence as it removes potential damage from eating one of the most basic meals, Grassy Gruel. It usually has no benefits and there is a good chance it will make the adept sick, but with the Grass Eater trait the negative effects no longer apply.

Belief in the afterlife

There are a few afterlife-related traits that tie together well. Belief in the afterlife is one of them. This trait, which is granted by a doctrine, goes well with random follower traits such as Terrified of Death or Good Die Young.

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This trait is especially useful if the Lamb has built a cult that involves sacrifice, murder, or fight to the death.

Encouraged substances

The lamb gets the brainwashing ritual as long as he completes Sozo’s quests, and he can choose to be a prohibitionist or embrace the wonders of the menticidal fungus.

If they choose the Encouraged Substances trait, their followers are less likely to get sick from the extended psilocybin trip. They also gain +20 Faith from their spiritual journey. The alternate choice in this level, Prohibitionism, improves their work ethic and devotion generation, but gives them a better chance of getting a bad hangover.

belief in absolution

As long as the Lamb can consistently keep followers out of stocks, it’s an easy +10 to Faith each day the morning dawns without a pesky dissident in jail.

The other choice at level 3 in Law And Order is Belief in Original Sin, and all that trait does is subtract 10 Faith when the Lamb imprisons a non-dissenting cult member.

Worship of the Lamb is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch.

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