Best Shonen Anime Fire Users Have Same Personality Traits


Many popular shonen/action anime feature a fire user with a passion that burns as bright as their flames. This character tends to come across as lively and energetic, and while her bright personality can cause them to act irrationally, fire users are generally skilled in combat and protective of their friends.

Anime specialists in the use of fire have more in common than fans realize. Not only are they proficient in their craft, but their stubborn nature often leads to an individual with a strong sense of justice.

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Anime fire users are brash and hot-tempered

Like their flames, the anime’s fire specialists have fiery personalities and are generally full of energy. Due to their inability to stand still, they may start fights with others. Natsu Dragneel Fairy tale always causes fights in his guild, which first started out as a simple fight between him and his ice cream-themed rival Gray Fullbuster.

Another example of an angry fire specialist is Mereoleona Vermillion from black clover. Unlike her younger brothers Fuegoleon and Leopold, Mereoleona is fierce and bold with a short temper, frequently fighting with others. When she received her grimoire, she and Fuegoleon fought and destroyed part of the Vermillion Mansion. Their clash later became known as Hot-Blooded Tuesday.

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Anime fire users are impulsive

Due to their short tempers, anime fire specialists also tend to be impulsive. Their brash nature causes them to act without thinking, which can cause problems for their comrades. Sometimes the fire user rushes into battle before making a plan or jeopardizes missions because they wouldn’t stay silent. Portgas D. Ace A play was known to be impulsive, often making hasty decisions and barely listening to reason.

like a kid, narutoSasuke Uchiha has acted irrationally at times, especially when it comes to his brother Itachi. While pursuing his revenge, Sasuke frequently let his anger cloud his judgment. He accepted Orochimaru’s help without really thinking about the consequences, as long as it helped him grow strong enough to avenge the fallen Uchiha clan. Sasuke’s decisions could hurt those around him, especially Sakura, but he often ignored their attempts to reason with him.

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Anime fire users are stubborn and inflexible

The Fire Specialist’s impulsiveness often makes them stubborn individuals. They don’t want to stray from their goals, even though they can seem morally corrupt at times. Antagonists and protagonists with the power to wield flames have unwavering willpower, which has cost them their lives in some cases. Endeavor my hero academia shows a stubborn personality as he was willing to do whatever it took to surpass All Might as the number one professional hero, but his family suffered due to some of his actions.

Kyojuro Rengoku’s demon slayer. Until his death, Rengoku was a dedicated Hashira living up to his title. In the Train Mugen movie, he kept his promise not to let any of his comrades or civilians die on the train and refused to back down despite Akaza overpowering him. Although his actions were reckless, he pursued his goals until the end.

Many action- or fantasy-based anime feature a beloved fire specialist with a hot-blooded personality. Although they may seem reckless or impulsive, they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the goals they set for themselves.


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