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This webinar will provide colleagues with a clear picture of current industry expectations and practices for developing the right level and quality of personal behaviors, attitudes and skills that learners adopt and use in their daily personal and professional lives.


This webinar:

  • Provide a detailed analysis of regulatory and industry expectations for good practice in behaviors, attitudes and personal development so that learners develop the right approaches, knowledge and skills to meet their own needs and those of their employer ;
  • Take a close look at EIF good practice expectations and current sector themes, best advice and priorities;
  • Use the FEI Scoring Descriptors to assess your behaviors, attitudes, and personal development database and make informed judgments to inform reporting mechanisms.

Who should attend this webinar

This webinar is for:

  • Supplier colleagues responsible for the design, completion and implementation of the 2022/23 curriculum plans;
  • Responsible for the Quality of supply and education;
  • Expert practitioners involved in the quality of education, behaviors and attitudes and the development of personal skills, the provision of learning and skills and the design of personalized learning programs;
  • Colleagues involved in pastoral care and support for learners.

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Maureen Deary, Inspector of Continuing Education and Skills and Free Schools, Strategic Quality Advisor

Guest speaker

Vikki Sylvester, CEO, Acacia Training Ltd


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