Anushka Ranjan and Aditya Seal: 3 Reasons Libra and Aries Are Compatible in Marriage


Anushka Ranjan and Aditya Seal are one of those discreet b-town couples who have always preferred to keep their love affair secret. However, when they got married in November 2021, their beautiful love story was out, making headlines and inspiring their fans. Their mushy chemistry not only won millions of hearts but also amazed everyone while making them crave the perfect bond they both have. Ruled by the planet of love and attraction, Libra and Aries are opposite sun signs and are considered an important match in astrology. The bond and equation they both form from their intense love and attraction for each other is quite deep and will remain forever. Libra and Aries can be defined by the words confidence, strong presence and determination and have no problem getting along. The beauty and grace of Libra can easily attract Aries while the strength of spirit that Aries possesses will capture Libra’s attention, together creating a relationship that is equally balanced in all aspects.

Read on to discover 3 reasons why Libra and Aries are compatible in a marriage:

For them, honesty is always the key

The personality traits of these two signs are quite different, but one thing that always makes them stick with each other is their brutally honest nature and deep, friendly bond. Their undying love, honest care, and affection for each other is what keeps them close without chaos or hassle. Libra don’t care about anyone and express themselves without even thinking twice. Additionally, they are proficient balancers and effortlessly maintain great balance in their relationship.

Their emotional equation is well balanced

The Libra and Aries duo believe in the slow escalation of their love and for this they make equal efforts for each other. The bonding agent in their relationship is constant support for each other, which contributes to their emotional compatibility and makes them a wonderful partner. When Libra suffers emotional misfortune, Aries keeps calm and non-judgmental patience to escalate them with any outburst. Likewise, Libra happily nudges Aries from behind because they are literally mindful of Aries’ mission and vision.


They constantly appreciate each other’s efforts

It is said that opposites always attract and this pair makes that statement true in every way. Aries and Libra like to be fulfilled by their partner’s opposite nature. They do everything to please each other and above all, they appreciate the poles apart by thinking of each other, which inspires their relationship with contentment.

The match between Aries and Libra is considered significant because they both know how to feed each other. They both carry the same energy inside and it doesn’t take them long to get along.

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